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Happy, happy 51st birthday to the tremendously wise and darling T ♥

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Peter’s first read through.


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t is moonlighting between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and she wants fans to pick whether she should be her own mashup of Huffleclaw or Ravenpuff. What do you think?

I see Tori is having big questions to tackle before her birthday :)


Tori Amos - We Float (PJ Harvey cover)

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your taste in music can say a lot about you. put your ipod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs. no skipping.

  1. Guilty - Marina and the Diamonds
  2. Dark Desire - Danielia Cotton
  3. Stop the Bus - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
  4. Baker Baker - Tori Amos
  5. The Knight Bus - John Williams
  6. Left Alone - Fiona Apple
  7. I Don’t Want to Be a Bride - Vanessa Carlton
  8. The Dancer - PJ Harvey
  9. Day-O (Banana Boat Song) - Harry Belafonte
  10. Heavy Metal Lover - Lady Gaga

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tomato season

emily blincoe / may 2014

prints (here

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Anonymous said: What did you mean that Moffat was trying to have it both ways with regards to Eleven's sexuality? Could you expand on that, please?


That he’s trying to satisfy (usually oldskool) fans who think of the Doctor as asexual while also trying to satisfy (often newskool) fans who think that the Doctor is sexual/romantic, which winds up turning the character into a revolting manchild who makes boner jokes while simultaneously behaving/talking like a ‘girls r yucky’ 10 year old. 




I wonder who is going to replace Jenna Coleman since she’s not returning to Doctor Who after this series.

A slim white female in her 20s whose casting is based mostly on how attractive Steven Moffat finds her. Next question.


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